“Sometimes choosing just to sing, is the thing that changes everything”

As I am heading back to Weatherford after a wonderful breakfast and morning with my nephew, brother, and sister in law, this song came on the radio. Normally, it hits me in my feels and I sing along happily.

This afternoon it hit me a little harder and not by accident I’m sure. As the song came on, I’m scrolling through Facebook and decide to check my Memories.

***Sidebar: Facebook Memories for someone grieving (or avoiding grief) is not a walk in the park. It’s more like a walk on a tight rope. Stressful and not sure what will tip you over.***

Back to your regularly scheduled program: As this song is playing, I’m scrolling my Memories and see that 2 years ago I got my Marriah tattoo.

All of the lettering is in her handwriting. 🌻

I got to my post about my tattoo just as this portion of the song started to play…. “Sometimes nothing left to give becomes the sweetest offering
And sometimes choosing just to sing
Is the thing that changes everything”

Music and this blog were the tools God used to start the healing process in my life, but starting on the worship team again (and not hiding in the tech booth) was what started restoring my faith again.

I chose to sing to Him and it did change everything.

I have always been the Christian that connects more to the praise and worship portion in a service more than the sermon. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy/benefit from a good sermon, but music is life for me.

Choosing to sing and allow worship music back in to my life was a huge step for my grief and my faith restoration.

Naturally, the “coincidence” had me in tears today.

I know so many people grieving right now. Over the last few years, there has been a lot of loss in this world. The pandemic alone has caused so much loss, but so has cancer, natural disasters, and freak accidents.

In those moments of loss and grief, CHOOSE TO SING.

Singing for you could be going to a restaurant that you’ve avoided due to it’s association with the person you lost.

Singing could be cooking their favorite meal.

Singing could be visiting their grave or spreading their ashes.

For me it happened to be actual singing, but it could be whatever you were/are avoiding in your grief.

Choose to sing even when it hurts.

Choose to sing in joy.

Choose to sing on the days you don’t want to.

Choose to sing in the good days.

I encourage everyone to go listen to this song. There are so many wonderful lines in it that are applicable to many situations, but particularly someone on a grief journey.

Love you always. Miss you forever, Sunflower. 🌻

Credits: “Hallelujah Even Here”
Artist: Lydia Laird
Written: Jonathan Lindley Smith / Mia Leanne Cherie Fieldes / Lydia Laird

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